Editor's Note: As of 22:40, another Spineless exposé has forced LUSU to action and they have restored the bye-laws to the website.

In a shocking development befitting of only the most shamelessly corrupt of regimes, the students' union has removed all its bye-laws from its website. Over the past several weeks, Spineless has exposed LUSU's institutional culture of rule-breaking. But rather than starting to follow its own rules, LUSU has decided to make the bye-laws inaccessible to its members, so the true extent of their rule-breaking cannot be exposed.

Several aspects of the bye-laws remain completely ignored: student trustee vacancies remain unfilled; the scrutiny panel remains empty; and election results remain unpublished. But rather than move to address these blatant breaches of its governing rules, the Nuttall Ministry has opted to delete the bye-laws from the LUSU website instead.

Screenshots of the LUSU website before (left), and after (right) the deletion of the bye-laws.

This comes as the nominations for the election of sabbatical officers open, following the President's controversial shake-up of the officer team. Despite the reforms being approved by the Exec over a fortnight ago, the updated bye-laws were never published, and President Nuttall refused to share them with students who emailed him asking for a copy. Students wishing to stand in the elections now find themselves in the unusual position of being asked to submit nominations to roles which are only defined and described in a set of bye-laws that they are not able to read.

The bye-laws also govern the election of NUS delegates. One NUS delegate position will be filled by the very unusual forthcoming by-election, which was only announced yesterday. Are the correct procedures being followed in holding a by-election? The only way students can find out is by checking the bye-laws... Oh wait, they can't!

To their credit, LUSU has recently responded to some of Spineless' pressure, and start following some of the bye-laws, eventually appointing a Returning Officer and approving election rules last week, after several years of LUSU elections having been conducted without them. LUSU has also started to publish minutes of some meetings, although their vagueness and brevity leaves a lot to be desired.

This latest development in LUSU's ongoing battle against transparency and accountability is an unfortunate indication, that despite growing student antipathy towards 'their' students' union, meaningful change still seems a long way off...