If you've got a story, we are here to listen.

You can write into us in a "letter", and we will happily publish these on a regular basis. You can pitch a story to us (we cannot currently compensate any writers, however), or just write one and send it in.

If you have any tips or documents you would like to pass onto Spineless (we are independent of the University and LUSU) then we can also be contacted for that purpose. We would advise that the simplest and securest way for any submissions of this nature to be made would be to make your own (free) email account at protonmail.com, as all emails between ProtonMail accounts are protected by zero-access end-to-end encryption.

Spineless' email address is spinelesslancs@protonmail.com (please be aware that it is not necessary to have a ProtonMail account to send us emails).