The Scottish Funding Council (SFC) has fined Aberdeen University £119,000, after determining that financial regulations weren't followed in paying its principal Professor Sir Ian Diamond more than £600,000 whilst he was only on 'light duties' after his successor had been appointed.

During the handover period, Aberdeen was effectively paying for two principals, and Prof. Diamond was being paid 15 times more than the average employee, according to student newspaper The Gaudie. In addition to the SFC's investigation, the Scottish Charity Regulator is expected to soon conclude an investigation into if the University's trustees have breached charity law.

Prof. Diamond is currently the Head of the Office of National Statistics, and now sits on University Council, the governing body of Lancaster University. As Spineless reported last month, questions have been raised over if the University is following its own rules relating to Council membership.

The SFC report ordered Aberdeen University 'to undertake an externally-facilitated review of its governance procedures and culture' after concluding that 'there were flaws in the conduct of [the Remuneration] Committee and the University Court did not receive sufficient information to be assured of due process or to protect the University’s interests.'

If the SFC has determined that under Prof. Diamond's leadership, Aberdeen University was misgoverned, will Lancaster University now reconsider if he's an appropriate individual to sit on their governing body?

Spineless would like to highlight schedule 9.3 of the University Statutes to any Council members who may be reading:

Any person appointed as a member of the Council may be removed from membership for ‘good cause’ by the Council. No person shall be removed by the Council unless he or she shall have been given a reasonable opportunity to have been heard in person by the Council.

Perhaps the elected student representative on Council will raise this at the next meeting? Oh wait... there isn't one!