(Featured image via Clem Rutter, licenced CC BY-SA 3.0.)

Spineless is pleased to report that LUSU has decided to publish Trustee Board minutes after six Spineless articles pointed out that not doing so was against LUSU rules.

On 13th January, Spineless reported that LUSU had failed to release Trustee Board and sub-committee minutes relating to the Sugarhouse sale.

On 14th January, Spineless reported that LUSU does not publish minutes of the Societies Committee, in relation to the proposed visit by Israeli Ambassador Mark Regev. Spineless also reported that Executive Committee minutes have not been published since June 2019.

On 15th January, Spineless reported on the University and LUSU's systematic failure to release minutes, and how this allows them to act with impunity. Spineless also reported that failure to release minutes formed part of a petition of no confidence in external trustee Graeme Osborn, which can be signed here.

On 16th January, Spineless reported that failure to release minutes is one of seven rules that LUSU is currently actively breaking.

In a recent statement provided by LUSU to SCAN in relation to the VNC petition, a spokesperson said: 'We reject the allegations made entirely.' Despite this, LUSU has so far released the previously unavailable minutes of two Trustee Board meetings, on 21st June 2019 and 22nd August 2019.

Spineless hopes this is the beginning of a transparency renaissance in LUSU, and that we will no longer have to report on the failure to release minutes, and can instead report on their content.

The minutes of the Trustee Board can be accessed here.