Figures compiled by Spineless reveal that 61 crimes committed on Lancaster University campus were reported to the police in 2019.

There were 21 thefts (six of which were bicycle thefts), making theft the most prevalent form of crime reported. Perhaps surprisingly, given the high levels of drug use among students, only two reports of drug offences on campus were made to the police in 2019.

The second most common form of crime was 'violence and sexual offences', of which there were 15 reported incidents. This category includes rape. However, these figures almost definitely underrepresent the true scale of sexual offences on campus.

A 2018 consultation of students and recent graduates conducted by Revolt Sexual Assault and The Student Room found that 62% of all students (70% of female students) had experienced sexual violence. Of those who had experienced sexual assault or harassment, only 6% had reported it to the university or the police.

Whilst Lancaster University does not routinely publish figures of the amount of rape, sexual assault and harassment complaints it receives, a 2018 ITV report listed Lancaster as one of the universities with the 'highest rates' in the UK. According to the report, there had been 24-36 incidents reported to the University in the previous five years.

Lancaster University is currently reviewing its Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy.

You can report crime online at, or dial 999 in an emergency.