As Professor Andy Schofield prepares to take office as Lancaster's seventh vice-chancellor in May, he'll be hoping to improve on his disastrous record at the University of Birmingham.

A journal article published earlier this month in Studies in Higher Education found that only 4.5% of Birmingham staff are satisfied with how their university is being managed. The data was collected in the Senior Management Survey (SMS), which was answered by almost 6,000 academic staff from across the UK during 2017.

Prof Schofield is currently a Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Head of the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences at Birmingham. He sits on Birmingham's University Senate and University Executive Board (equivalent of UMAG). Prof Schofield was selected as Lancaster's new vice-chancellor by a unanimous decision of the appointing committee in November, which was then approved by University Council (on which Bee Morgan and George Nuttall are the 'student' representatives by virtue of their LUSU roles). Prof Schofield's annual salary is likely to exceed a quarter of a million pounds as Lancaster's new vice-chancellor. Mark E. Smith's total remuneration reached £341,000 in 2018/19.

Whilst the Senior Management Survey didn't cover Lancaster University, Spineless finds its concluding description of UK universities is as applicable here as anywhere: acute situation of endemic bullying and harassment, chronic overwork, high levels of mental health problems, general health and wellbeing problems, and catastrophically high levels of demoralisation and dissatisfaction...

If any Spineless readers are academic staff but not yet members of UCU, we would encourage them to join today and start the fight-back against managerialism: