After months of dither and delay by LUSU over resuming the second part of last year's AGM, students have taken it into their own hands and launched a petition for an extraordinary General Meeting.

The petition shows far more promise than the recent proposal from student media groups to hold a referendum over George Nuttall's officer review. At an EGM, students will be able to discuss a wide-range of issues and propose policy that can mandate LUSU officers, as happened at the AGM in October.

The EGM petition has been launched by sociology master's student Alistair Williams, who spoke to Spineless. He said, 'I'm not doing this because I hate the Students' Union, but I feel like the Students' Union could be more transparent. They could definitely be seen as working more in favour of students than they are right now.'

A confluence of factors were cited as reasons for an EGM: progress of the AGM motions, the stance towards the new UCU strikes, the week 8 Trustee referendum, the Nuttall Ministry's officer review, the University's refusal to declare a Climate Emergency, and the reasons for the Sugarhouse sale.

The petition also calls for the external and student trustees to be invited. Their number has decreased in the past month, as Jenna Higham's term as a student trustee came to an end and the Executive Committee refused to confirm replacements. That leaves only Graeme Osborn (currently subject to a Vote of No Confidence petition), Mark Alexander (who chaired the Sugarhouse Strategy Task Group), Amanda Chetwynd (former senior University manager), and PhD student Kathy New. There are two vacancies for external trustees and two vacancies for student trustees.

At the time of writing, the EGM petition stands at 38 signatures, while student media's petition for a referendum stands at 81 signatures. Both require over 300 before LUSU is constitutionally obliged to act on them.